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Holistic Coaching

I am looking forward to help others feel their best through personalized lifestyle changes that meet unique dietary, emotional, and physical goals and needs.  To help you achieve confidence, trust in yourself and the health to start living with more ease, balance and joy.

Our coaching sessions will take you through a personalized process of self-discovery through powerful conversations. I combine yoga and meditation practices that can be applied in your busy everyday life.

You will be empowered with supportive tools and daily practices to navigate life with more ease and clarity.

I will take you on a journey to reconnect with yourself authentically and guide you to build lives rooted in self-love, purpose and joy.

I believe that you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality, the creator of your world. And I would like to empower you to live a life you truly desire.

Book a free consultation coaching session to see if I can support you on your journey to your dreams and goals.
You do not need to figure it out alone, we can do it together. 🙂


1 session (60min)

77 Euros

6 sessions (in two months)

77 Euros + 10% discount

12 sessions (in four months)

77 Euros + 15% discount

It is recommended to book a minimum of 3 appointments.

Support: Unlimited via email or WhatsApp for the duration of the coaching package.

Book a FREE 30-minute introductory interview to see if I can support you.


In this 90-minute session, we will discover blocked chakras and find ways to bring alignment and healing through coaching, yoga, meditation, breathing, journaling and affirmations.

As a Certified Chakra Coach Trainer, I have found this process to be liberating and healing for my clients and I am excited to offer this to you.

The word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” in Sanskrit and refers to very specific energy centers in our bodies. There are seven main chakras that start at the root of our spine and move all the way up to the crown of our head.

When these energy centers are blocked we feel stuck, lethargic, lack focus, and energy. When our chakras are awakened and in alignment, the Universal Cosmic energy is able to flow through us, bringing us into our power.

You are energy. Change happens energetically frst and than manifests in the physical world. Let’s dive into the world of energy and chakras!

Price: 108 Euros

Reserve your session at

An introduction to Coaching

Coaching isn’t mentoring, therapy, or consulting, although it’s related to all of those disciplines.

Coaches provide clarity, strategy, support, guidance, and challenge emotions and mindsets, primarily with provoking questions.

Occasionally, coaches provide feedback and suggestions.

Working as Partners

Coaching is a partnership. This means we are equals and both of us have a co-active role in the relationship. We will use the synergy created collectively to find clarity and strategy and plan to create meaningful change and focused progress toward your goals.

My role as the coach:

– Listen intently, without judging, to what you say and what you do not say

– Ask powerful questions that help you to create clarity of thought

– Respond intuitively and be fully present for you

– I’m not a cheerleader, but an objective thinking partner. Firm, but loving

– Uphold a safe environment and keep your best interest in mind

– Make requests for actions or ask that you release limiting beliefs

– Hold you accountable for agreements you have made

– Encourage truthful dialogue & new perspectives

– Be your advocate who believes in you, encourages you and celebrates with you!

Your role as the coachee:

– Make our coaching your priority – secure your calendar for our session

– Choose an appropriate place for the session (minimal background noise)

– Come with a specific and clear agenda and a takeaway you’d like to walk away with from the session

– Be present and focused in your sessions

– Be responsible for your actions and emotions

– Be truthful with me and with yourself

– Be open to new ideas.

Session Procesdures

The Session:

Please come with an agenda. We will first get clear about what you want to work on and what you want to take away from the session.

Together, we’ll co-discover how to accomplish your agenda.

End of the Session

You will summarize what action you are committed to taking for the next week or longer term. I may make a coach request and ask you to continue the work of the session by journaling, resolving incomplete issues, or taking further action.


Our sessions will be approximately 45 minutes in length. You have chosen either three or four sessions per month per the Coaching Agreement.

We will select a regular time for our sessions. Please honor these times by prioritizing them in your weekly schedule.

If your schedule changes we can work out another time.

At the designated time, please log into the zoom meeting with the ID assigned.

Preparation for the session

1. What are your top two goals right now?

What small actions are you taking to achieve them?

2. What is your agenda for the call today

(what do you want to discuss)?

3. What do you want to takeaway from today’s session?


„Coaching with Izabela was a great experience. Her presence and supportive attitude created a safe space to explore the theme we were discussing. The questions she asked during the session were leading to very valuable insights. I am grateful for her sessions!“


„The coach’s primarily job is to listen and hold space for their client. Izabela is doing a great job doing so! She managed to stop my panic and disorientation with a short guided meditation after which I managed to see my situation more objectively and ended up resolving the issue in an hour. Sometimes is someone willing to listen and holding space for you, the only thing you need to solve the problem that’s holding you back. I’m grateful for Izabela’s support.“


„Izabela has had a very grounded, smooth, and calm approach to the session. Her gentle way of coaching is comforting, while strongly action driven and goal oriented. There is no chance you don’t make any step forward after the session!“


„Being coached by Izabela has been a very nice and grounding experience.

Izabela helped me to remember my priorities and supported me in having a simple plan that I can implement daily. She created a safe space and asked some great questions.“


„I have had several coaching sessions with Izabela and each one of them has been helpful and inspiring. I received clarity and new ideas and her support has been precious in different areas of my life. This experience was a perfect example of how Holistic Coaching works and how it could really make a difference.“


„Much transformative session. It was so empowered coaching call with Izabela. She was not helping me to solve the problem, but helped me to define the present moment that I was unaware of it. I was overwhelmed by few legal and law stuff but I recaptured to feel the other present gifts I have right now to embrace. Love it , thank you dear Izabela.“


„Izabela has a warm, grounded, solid energy. I felt very held by her. She led the session in a gentle, present way. I experienced a breakthrough around making my self care my top priority and trusting that everything else will come from there. I loved the grounding exercise she guided and the card pull, too.“

H. T.

„Beautiful! Izabela was a pleasure to be coached by! She encouraged me to explore more than just what was on the surface, and held space for me to talk out what was in my mind. Her grounding technique to start the session was so needed!“