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Holistic Life Coaching

I am looking forward to help others feel their best through personalized lifestyle changes that meet unique dietary, emotional, and physical goals and needs.  To help you achieve confidence, trust in yourself and the health to start living with more ease, balance and joy.  

Our coaching sessions will take you through a personalized process of self-discovery through powerful conversations. I combine yoga and meditation practices that can be applied in your busy everyday life.

You will be empowered with supportive tools and daily practices to navigate life with more ease and clarity.
I will take you on a journey to reconnect with yourself authentically and guide you to build lives rooted in self-love, purpose and joy.

I believe that you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality, the creator of your world. And I would like to empower you to live a life you truly desire.

Book a free consultation coaching session to see if I can support you on your journey to your dreams and goals. 
You do not need to figure it out alone, we can do it together. :)


1 appointment (60min)

350kn/50 euro

6 appointments (in 2 months)

350kn/50 euro + 10% discount

12 appointments (in 4 months)

350kn/50 euro + 15% discount

It is recommended to book a minimum of 3 appointments.

Support: Unlimited via email or WhatsApp for the duration of the coaching package.

Book a FREE 30-minute introductory interview to see if I can support you