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Dear yogis,

I always had a dream about green oasis for yoga practice, meditation and retreats where people could connect with nature and its healing powers – a place for health and happiness.

After my father suddenly passed away, who was a man of nature, mountain lover and true yogi, spending most of his time in the hills of Dinara (the highest mountain of Croatia) producing the finest honey, he left behind a land near river Kupa which in the meantime turned into impassable jungle. With his death I realized how life is unpredictable and that every minute counts.

We went to visit a land just to check the site but when we wanted to go back to the city the car would not start. We decided to explore the surrounding and discovered a beautiful forest and hidden Kupa beaches which was a call to go back to nature and a sign to take action.

Next morning there was another sign when, after last talk a three years ago, a mobile number appeared of man Srećko (which means “Happiness“) who is a local guy specialized for gardens and small houses. As my partner Svemir (whose name means “Universe“) got holiday and we planned to go to the coast, together with my 16-teen years old daughter, for some camping in the wild, Svemir said: “Instead to Adriatic sea, lets go to work on river Kupa land.” We called Mr. Srećko and he was immediately available to help us! 🙂

For three days we were cutting through the mash of leaves, wild grass, dangerous thorny trees and burning Sun. We cleared 1/5 of the land, just enough for a future small wooden forest house and yoga platform.

So, with the help of Svemir (Universe) and Srećko (Happiness) I did the first hardest step towards my dream. 🙂

“From thorns to stars – from dreams to reality.”