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I am happy to invite you to the Yoga and Meditation Teacher with students from all over the world, which I started in cooperation with the Radiant Coaches Academy from the USA.

In January 2023, we enrolled fifteen international students from America, Italy, Croatia and India.

Modules are held online and occasionally live at week-long yoga retreats around the world (Croatia in April 2023)

Teacher training is divided into four modules of 50 hours each (200 hours in total) and you can join at any time.

The training consists of live zoom classes throughout the week and an online platform for self-study.

In the course, we will cover the basics of yoga and mindfulness meditation, and after completing the first module, you will be able to continue with the second module.

About training

This program covers the basics of yoga that are useful for those who are beginners or practice yoga for personal benefit and want to deepen their knowledge.

The program is designed to integrate body and mind and breathing exercises to achieve a well-rounded yoga learning that will inspire you in your personal and spiritual growth.

The curriculum covers the basic elements of yoga consisting of asana exercises, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy and teaching skills.

In teaching asanas, we will focus on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles.

This training is suitable:

• for beginners, who want a structured and holistic approach to the study of yoga
• for those who occasionally practice yoga and want to deepen their knowledge
• for everyone who is interested in a yoga course to find balance in life through strengthening the body and mind
• if you are inspired by the philosophy of yoga and meditation

In addition to the mentioned education in the field of yoga and meditation, it is possible to enroll in a course for a certified holistic coach with a total duration of 175 hours.

Teachers: Izabela Marić and Binu Prasadd.

For all the details and the price, write to me at