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Welcome to Verbasana
yoga studio

About us

Verbasana center is located at Martićeva 45 in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. In addition to yoga classes, we also offer therapeutic massages and Holistic Coaching. In summer time we open the Rooftop yoga shala on the roof of Martićeva Street.

Group yoga classes and treatments (massages) are held at Galjufova 5, Kvatrić, Zagreb.

In addition to yoga classes, we also offer therapeutic massages, holistic life coaching and organize yoga retreats. In summer we open the Rooftop yoga shala on the roof of Martićeva Street

Verbasana yoga studio offers Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, Hatha Flow, ABC yoga for beginners, Yoga for spine, Yoga for children, Yoga Nidra with the sound of Tibetan bowls, Prenatal yoga for pregnant women and Chakra dance yoga, pranayama classes, guided meditations and various interesting workshops and events with visiting teachers.

We are proud teachers of Kids yoga at the Waldorf School in Zagreb. We often organize concerts of Indian classical music and several times a year we organize and lead yoga retreats in Croatia and India.

We are members of the Shanti yoga group that combines yoga and dance and promotes the peace and happiness that practicing yoga provides to the body, mind and soul.

We are active members of the Croatian Yoga Association and we cooperate with the Embassy of India and the Ministry of Ayush.

Our offers

Ashtanga yoga


Vinyasa Flow


hatha Flow




yoga za trudnice


In Prenatal classes we connect with the baby, learn to relax and let go and prepare for childbirth through positive visualizations.

Exercising Prenatal eliminates the feeling of nausea and fatigue, back pain disappears and improves the work of the digestive system and the work of hormonal glands. We also feel joyful and energized and share experiences with other moms.

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Yoga class for children aged 6-9 contains all the elements of an adult class, with the addition of a lot of fun.

Yoga class for children contains elements of yoga with lots of fun, various games, dancing, singing and playing. In a stimulating atmosphere where children relax and have fun, body strength, coordination, flexibility and stability are developed at the same time.

tries to strengthen awareness of one's own body, focus and concentration, and most importantly - self-confidence.

yoga za djecu


- strengthens the body and builds flexibility
- strengthens self-confidence and self-image
- encourages creativity
- strengthens the emotional strength of the child
- builds coordination and balance
- strengthens concentration
- strengthens all systems in the body: bone, nervous, vascular, digestive, respiratory, hormonal and muscular
- helps to understand the anatomy of one's own body

- builds proper posture
- spreads awareness of nature, animals and the environment
- encourages teamwork
- learns how to relax and reduce daily stress
- encourages compassion, generosity and respect
- teaches self-acceptance and self-love
- develops self-discipline and self-control
- teaches children how to find inner peace
- proper breathing, has a beneficial effect on the respirator